Dara is a story of a legendary boy, which dates back to early 1940s. He is born in a poor family, in a remote village of Vaidan Di Kotli, situated at Indo-Pak border. His life is full of struggle and adventures. He is a fortunate child born in an unfortunate family.

During Indo-Pak partition in 1947, people migrate in large volumes from either sides of the border. Dara’s family settles in a village called Khilchian, 30kms from Amritsar. A school master sees a sparkle in Dara’s eyes and convinces his step-mother to put him in a school, but he finds true friends amidst the immortal elements of nature and animals. Later, the school master encourages him to join the Army.

Dara meets a caring friend in a recruitment camp. After joining his regiment, he discovers a band of brothers…a family beyond blood.

Once, while crossing a graveyard, he gets trapped in a vicious circle. It’s a rendezvous with death. While he is away, his sister, Beero, is forcibly married. Dara sinks in a deep anguish.

Dara falls in love with a beautiful damsel and is submerged into an ocean of romance.